The RipTip being used outdoors in Colorado.

The Story of The RipTip

Sep 11, 2021Brad Gordon

The RipTip being used outdoors in Colorado, USA.

The RipTip was born out of what used to be wasted prep pulls for other glass products that were being blown in our studio. With an inner circle of entrepreneurial glassblowers and close friends hanging around, it wasn't long before someone was using scrap glass as a tip to roll a joint with.

The result? The smoothest rip, hit after hit. The perfect burn, time and time again. Soon enough we were out of all of the scrap pieces and realized the need to begin production and design around this new product.

Since it's inception in 2015, The RipTip has established a cult-following in part because of the unique airflow properties, as well as the quality of the glass, and the ability to reuse it. 

Handcrafted in Colorado, USA from the finest borosilicate glass, The RipTip is known around the world as the best glass tip and is available in different sizes (diameter) and color.

The RipTip is available on our website and through Authorized Retailers.

For custom and wholesale orders, feel free to contact us anytime!

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