Measuring & Categorizing The RipTip

Measuring & Categorizing The RipTip

Sep 10, 2021Brad Gordon

Measure The RipTip

One question that we continuously find ourselves answering is, "how do you measure and categorize The RipTip?" It's a fair question, and we dive into the answer below.

When the team makes a batch of The RipTips, it's not out of the ordinary that we can (and will) get a variety of different sizes in one pull. For example, there may be 8mm-11mm with some measuring 8.4 or 10.3 (and every size in between) as the pull naturally fluctuates.

After the pull, The RipTip is measured by hand with a set of digital calipers which are categorized by the whole millimeter only and no rounding is applied. For example, when you purchase an 8mm tip, it can be anywhere from 8.00mm-8.99. This is the same for all whole sizes. 

The size stickers on The RipTips are meant to be more of a guide, not precise measurements. 

  • 6mm = 6.00mm thru 6.99mm 
  • 7mm = 7.00mm thru 7.99mm
  • 8mm = 8.00mm thru 8.99mm
  • 9mm = 9.00mm thru 9.99mm

If there is a specific size you need for whatever reason, please e-mail us at and we will do our best to accommodate specific size requests.

Visit our website to see what sizes and selection we have available.

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