The RipTip Size Guide

The RipTip Size Guide

Sep 10, 2021Brad Gordon


Our customers are always curious about the sizes of The RipTip, so we put together a helpful guide to illustrate some of the different sizes and uses.


7mm - Small (~ ¼”) personal size joint, spliff or blunt. Less than 1 gram

8mm - Mid-range jumper. Not quite a layup, not quite a 3-pointer. Swish

9mm - OG size, most popular! Good for 1.5 - 2 grams with king-sized papers.

10mm - Gettin' Bigger (~ ⅓”) Great for sharing - golf, weddings, concerts, etc.  Best with 2-2.5 grams and king-sized papers.

11mm - 3 grams and a king-sized paper will take you all the way. Share or don't!

12mm Large (~ ½”) Party Size, made for sharing and/or special projects.        Best with 3.5+ grams and king-sized papers.

In our previous blog post, we share how The RipTip is measured and categorized.

When shopping, you'll have the option to choose your size of The RipTip before checking out. 

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